The House has common areas that can develop everyday normal families with the highest possible.

In these areas, apart from the times that each family goes to the organization and planning, it promotes dialogue, exchange of experiences and feelings are verbalized emotional shortcomings and questions the problems or situations experienced by families.



Community kitchen

We have a large kitchen so families can use when you need it. The families have all the tools and utensils needed to cook and feel at home.

Contributors: IKEA


Dining room

Dining and living room

Designers: Sara Folch Interior Design
Contributors: Temas V-MY Oruga, Carpyen, Theodora et sa Suite, Egger.

We have a room with capacity for all residents to use them when they need it. The families have all the tools and utensils needed to sit at the table as if they were at home.



Books and magazines and Leisure Information

Contributors: Fundació Jordi Sierra i Fabra.

The library is open to everyone and is free. We read books and information to support leisure and culture to children and their families.



Laundry Community

Contributors: Cash Converters, Girbau
We have four washers and four dryers dispossició to all residents 9’30 21:30. It is a completely free service providing and normalizing everyday families.

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    Multipurpose Room

    Multipurpose Room

    We have a large space and insulated with warm floors for different activities, giving talks, yoga sessions for parents, storytelling, concerts, meetings …


    Games Room

    Games room

    We have a game room to play games, do crafts and play with the volunteers who are in the house every evening 365 days a year.


    Living room

    To read, watch TV or play

    Append the dining room is the living room. a modular sofa where very long relax, read with lamps available, watch TV or to hang out with the video-game console.


    Media Room

    Television and video game

    Annexe to the living room, we also have a space with television and video games to relax outside the apartments in a spacious and comfortable.


    Organic garden

    Community organic garden for families

    We have a community garden so that parents can relax and also cook vegetables grown and harvested themselves.


    Mediterranean courtyard

    Courtyard and seating corners

    Designers: Marta Garcia-Orte, Pablo Serrano, Nerea Amorós

    Contibutors: CONCEPTA, GREKK.

    In the middle of the wing of the apartments there is a fountain courtyard mab n go take the fresh air, listen to the water fountain, or enjoy the light while resting in the seats who have around the yard.


    Silence room

    A place to be with oneself

    Separated from the building and behind him, opening views to the garden, we have a room of silence, a place to be with yourself and do what everyone needs.


    Outdoor gardens

    The house is surrounded by garden areas

    The whole house is surrounded by garden areas, in order to give maximum compatibility with nature.