The House of Xuklis is a shelter with the aim of improving the quality of life of children with cancer and their families.

With the House of Xuklis get:
Giving accommodation with 25 individual apartments all families with an infant with cancer that must displace of their sites of origin to receive treatment the main reference hospitals or other hospitals, in the city of Barcelona .
Provide psychosocial care integral all families that availed themselves the house.
Offer activities playful-educational and therapeutic to children and their families.
Make available of families community spaces where can develop with tranquility their day to day (room, kitchen, Laundry, library, spaces of rest, TV room, rooms of games and activities, internet, etc).

So AFANOC gives coverage from different disciplines and integral to all family needs and provides all the conditions that promote well-being and quality of life, and that, consequently, the emotional impact and the abandonment of everyday life are minimal.
But who are the Xuklis? The Xuklis designed by architect Dani Freixas and drawn by Roser Capdevila, they suck bad quality rolls and thus help children and their families overcome the obstacles of illness. The Xuklis have long worked closely and successfully in the clinic Oncohematology clinic service Maternity Hospital Vall d’Hebron.

The House of Xuklis began its activity and host families between September and October 2011. This year 2012 has been running at full capacity.
To coincide with the areas of activity AFANOC aimed at children who are ill and their families, the services offered are: the educational psychology service, the service counseling and emotional support, the service attention to social service and volunteer activities and therapeutic lúdicoeducatives.